Transport & Logistik GmbH

MM – Transport & Logistik GmbH is a forwarder and logistics provider for the furniture industry and all related trades. The company provides the type of services associated with a European distributor of new furniture.

Each customer is looked after by a specialist member of the team whose job it is not just to monitor the shipping, scheduling and freight billing, but also to accompany the operative processes.

Our core competencies are based on our high-quality, pan-European operations, connected with the customised processing of the assignments by the staff in Paderborn and 23 other centres. These ensure the perfect flow of all transportation and service operations.

Fixed postal districts and countries are served by distribution centres in a rotational delivery pattern. Fixed acceptance dates are agreed with large furniture warehouses.

Complete door-to-door tracking is possible online, as is the viewing of our archive system.

This service is all part of the operations we offer on a daily basis.